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Overview of Meetings and Events

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Townwide CSA Board Members
School Year 2014-2015

President Brittany Hardiman 359-5709
Treasurer Stephanie Walsh 603-315-0099
Secretary Adrienne Brooslin 359-6371
Website Open Position 359-xxxx
Scrip President Adrienne Brooslin 359-6371

CSA By-Laws:

Medfield CSA By-Laws

CSA Policies:

Town-wide CSA Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Document Retention Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Town-wide Room Parent Responsibilities

About Medfield Community School Association (CSA)

Our Mission Statement
The purpose of the CSA is to collaborate with parents, teachers, principals and the superintendent to ensure open communication and a strong working relationship that will enhance students' experience at Medfield's K-8 schools. Through fundraising initiatives, the CSA provides financial support to supplement the opportunities at the schools that are not otherwise provided for in the school budget.

What is CSA?
Since 1979, The Community School Association is a non-profit volunteer organization at the Memorial, Wheelock, Dale Street and Blake Middle School. The High School has the Boosters. The C.S.A. consists of all residents of Medfield and all school personnel. It is a great way to get involved in your school, meet new parents, and stay informed!

What does the CSA support?
Each CSA organizes school volunteers, classroom and office help, teacher support, fundraising, school spirit events, family activities, kids' night out, performing arts and many services to support educational enrichment. The CSA ongoing fundraiser known as SCRIP is supported by each school.

How Can I Get Involved?
Attend the publicized CSA meetings. Information regarding our school system is shared by those attending the Superintendents Advisory Council and School Committee reports. Contact your CSA to volunteer a little or a lot!

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